Mojave Wellness Studio AZ.
Total Wellness Membership Form

NAME:.____________________________ Date:__
Billing Address: ________________________________________
City:______ State: ____ ZIP: ______
Phone: ________________________________________________
Email: _________________________________________________
Name on Massage Account: _________________self Other______
$60 per month (One 60 minute session per month)
$90 per month (One 90 minute session per month)
$90 per month (Two 60 minute sessions per month) $44.50 each
$150 per month (Two 90 minute sessions per month). $75 each
$180 per month (Four 60 minute sessions per month). $45
$235 per month (three 90 minute sessions per month). $78

Would you like to add gratuity? _No ______yes :+__
Please Select Billing Date: 1. _______5 ______15 _______24_______28 Name on credit Card: __________________________________________
Credit/Debit card number: _________________________________
Expiration Date :_________CVV-(3 digit code) _______zip code:___
(For receipt purposes) Email : ______________________________
I ___________ authorize Mojave Wellness Studio AZ. To charge th
debit/credit card above in the total amount listed here on the
1_____5____15____24_____28 of every month. I understand that I May cancel my therapy session subscription membership at anytime by calling (602) 427-8950 before the billing date I chose and that any un-redeemed sessions will be sent to me in form of a Gift Certificate at that time. Authorized Signature ______________________________Date ______

As In being a Monthly member has its perks! In being a monthly member you
will receive not only discounted sessions, but discounted Spa add on’s to services
and monthly specials. You will also have priority access to scheduling dates on
the schedule. Discounts on workshops and events that are held and more. It
pays to be a member with Mojave Wellness Studio AZ.
Also in the event you cannot make it in for one of your session you will be aloud
to gift your session to a family member of a friend as long as I have a verbal
confirmation from you that they can use it. If you don’t gift your session to a
family member or friend, I will allow the session to roll over and bank them for
up to TWO MONTHS until it would just drop off.
Plus as a member you are able to upgrade or downgrade your membership at
anytime and if you need or want to buy extra sessions, you may purchase them
at your cost in your membership plan not the regular full price cost.
It Pays to be a member of our Total Wellness Plan program, your body will love
you for it – Guaranteed !
Welcome Aboard ! Glad you’re here…..
Blessings – Mojave Wellness Studio AZ Team

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