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Your Accredited, certified & Licensed Massage therapist

Hello I am Kathleen, A accredited, certified and licensed massage therapist in the state of Arizona. I am a Reiki Master Practitioner as well as a certified Drum Circle Facilitator and a certified Guided Meditation Teacher.
I started as a Reiki Master in 2011, then became a licensed Massage therapist in March of 2012 to later go on to graduate with high
distinction with Phi Theta Kappa Honors with an AAS degree in Therapeutic Massage. I
also have completed training and have had experience in working with people living with cancer. I have experience in working with cancer patients by using the Usui
System of mind body Reiki treatments, throughout their course of treatments with cancer, I
do not claim that Reiki is a cure, but has seen profound effects and benefits; along with
comfort and relief they receive while experiencing the healing touch throughout the course of
their treatments.
I take the upmost pride and care in creating such a sacred holistic healing space as well as a
safe environment in my studio so that a variety of healing modalities can be used to tailor each
session specifically to each persons needs. So they may feel at ease and at peace within themselves to
experience the optimum healing and therapeutic benefits from my ongoing extensive training,
skills and compassion in treating all my clients like family.

Located in the beautiful and warm Phoenix,Az. Desert Mojave Wellness Studio AZ. Which is
owned and operated by Kathleen Miller who is also a native to Arizona in which her Studio has
been providing therapeutic, holistic and reiki services since 2012. Kathleen’s belief system is
based on the healing properties found in organic and holistic resources for real health
benefits. For this reason she assures strictest standards for all products used and or sold as well
as the modalities used in her facility.
Kathleen takes the time to listen and customize the treatments according to each of her clients
that she treats. With this manner of compassion. It can result in a more caring and personal
healing experience with their visit to Mojave Wellness Studio.
Through these holistic methods Kathleen helps her clients regain their balance back in their
When Kathleen is not involved in massage or reiki efforts, she enjoys outdoor activities such as
hiking, camping, spending quiet time in nature and quality time with
her family and Grandchildren. She also enjoys cultivating her creative side as a local artisan
creating semi- precious stone jewelry and gifts which are sold in the her studio and soon to be online on the
So if you have any questions about anyone of the therapeutic holistic services that she offers,
reiki or the benefits of adding regular massage or bodywork packages to your wellness regimen for a
healthier lifestyle , Please Don’t hesitate to ask or contact her for more information.
Blessings ~ The Mojave Wellness Studio AZ team

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