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What We Offer…

Come discover your sanctuary and experience a wide variety of services and therapies designed to focus on your specific relaxation and healing needs. We offer customized holistic treatments using high quality products to all.

Therapeutic Wellness Services

Therapeutic Massage

Medium to Deep Pressure Massage

A totally customized session to the clients needs. By using a deeper pressure massage to release tension, knots and trigger points deep within the muscles. Best used for stress relief, pain management and physical maintenance …

$85 / 30 minute- Spot work

$100 / 60 minute Session

$140 / 90 minute session

Restorative Massage

Light – Medium Massage

Is a relaxing light to medium pressure massage perfect for stress reduction and releasing tension thats being held in the body from daily and environmental stressors by connecting you to mind and body serenity.

$60 / 30 minute spot session

$90 / 60 minute session.

$130 / 90minute session.

Gentle Touch Massage

Is a Oncology massage using a very light pressure modality given to clients who have Cancer and their care givers –

to improve their circulation and lymph flow while being very nurturing and stress reducing throughout their course of treatment.

$55 / 40 – 60 minute session – ( according to the clients tolerance of the massage work being done and where they are at in their treatments.)


Moveable cupping helps release tension in the muscles also while pulling stagnant ( Qi- energy )and toxins out of the body by way of the skin. Cupping can help in the recovery of injuries faster and promotes better circulation of the blood flow in the body. NOTE : moveable cupping does not leave the traditional hicky marks on the body.

( gliding/movable cupping )

$65 spot work – one area only( ie.the back, the legs, sciatica issues ) 30-45 minute session

$90 whole body 60-75 minute session

Table Thai -(Passive Stretching)

Table Thai is not a massage but passive stretching. It is based off of Thai massage which is done on the floor on a mat as table Thai is adapted for the massage table. Table Thai can increase your overall range of motion within just a few sessions and helps with postural alignment of your body and is very grounding. Table Thai is done fully clothed in loose fitting clothing such as something you would workout in. During this session you main goal is to just be a rag doll on the table the therapist does all of the stretching unless otherwise asked to help. Therapist never takes client past their stretch level ever. We are very mindful of that.

Thai massage is a traditional massage technique that combines deep tissue pressure, muscle and joint stretching, and gentle manipulations of the body. Thai massage is generally safe, but not be suited for everyone. Make sure you check with your health-care provider before receiving Thai massage, especially if your have underlying health conditions.

$90 / 60 minute session

$140 / 90 minutes session

Hot Stone Massage

The use of hot stones to aide in ones wellbeing have been around for centuries, its thought to have originated from Ayurvedic medical system that take natural and holistic approach to health. Hot stone massage is done by the use of heated basalt stones to melt, relax and Relieve tension in tight muscles in the body and by using of Himalayan salt stones it exfoliates dry skin leaving your skin more healthy, vibrant and soft as well as helps detoxify the body and leaving you with a very grounded effect. By using either stones they both can help reduce tension, pain and increase more circulation of blood flow to the skin surface while aiding in healing and helping in releasing knots easier. ( NOTE ): hot stone is not a deep modality. The heat of the stones is what does the work.

( Basalt stones )… $85 / 60 minute session – $100 / 90 minute session

( Himalayan Salt stones ) …$100 / 60 minute session. – $130 / 90 minute session

Mind/Body Spa Wellness Services

Hot Oil Scalp Massage

A heated oil is rubbed in hands then dragged through the hair and worked into the scalp with a gentle but effective scalp massage. It deeply hydrates the hair follicles and scalp and relieving tension held in the scalp leaving you feeling relaxed yet rejuvenated. Scalp massage also helps stimulate the hair follicles and aids in the hair growth process and health of the hair.

$55 / 30-45 minute session

Body Wraps

Body Wraps are a treatment created to enhance the health and appearance of your skin and are used for many reasons that can remineralize, hydrate, stimulate, improve circulation, detoxify and promote relaxation throughout the body. The products used will determine the effects and results you will experience. These. Sessions are customized to you and your specific needs.These are approximately 60 – 75 minute sessions and add on’s can be incorporated into them making it an 90 minute session. ask for details.

(Shower off treatments)- $150. / (Leave on treatments) – $135. Body wrap sessions last approximately 60 -75 minutes in length. Otherwise 90 minutes if you have an add ons

  • Mud wraps – deep hydrating, anti aging, grounding. (Shower off))
  • Cactus wrap -toning and firming. , anxiety relieving & stress reduction. -( leave on)
  • Green Tea – detoxing ……… (currently not available at this time)
  • Wine Down – anti aging. Anxiety relieving & stress reduction. -( leave on )

(More to be added ………..coming soon)

Body wraps are done by exfoliating the skin with a dry brushing technique of the skin leaving you skin healthier and more vibrant as well as soft to the touch. Then product is applied to the body and the body is then cocooned up with heated blanket. While body is cocooned you’ll receive a gentle scalp massage. When the allotted time is up, you are then un-cocooned and depending on whether it it a shower off or leave on treatment we proceed forward by applying a thin layer of a shea butter or steeped milk lotion to the entire body. Leaving you feeling very relaxed and rejuvenated and ready to take on whatever awaits you.


Add ons can be added on to any existing service thats being done- prices will vary dependent on service being provided.

Hot Oil Scalp Massage ………………….$15. Full Facial …………………………………..$50

Jade Rolling …………………………………..$15 Ice globe facial massage ………………$15

Dry Brushing ………………………………….$20 Hand/ Foot scrubs or wraps ………..$20. (You get to keep the dry brush)

Herbal Compress Balls ……………………$30. Paraffin Dip ………………………………….$15 – (hand or feet OR both for $25)

Mini Facials …………………………………….$30 Slidable Cupping………………………………$15

Thai Herbal Poultice Massage

A light dry brushing of the body is done, then Muslin wrapped herb filled poultices are then steamed in a steamer and then applied to the body with compression movements, rolling movements & long strokes along the body. Between the warmth of the poultice and specific steeped herbs in the poultices will leave a profound relaxing effect on the body …… $75 approximately 60 minute session / $95 for 90 minute session.

Body Scrubs

Body scrubs are done to exfoliate the dried skin on the body, while leaving fresh new glowing healthy Skin and improving the circulation of blood flow to the skin surface. When the scrub is completed a thin layer of shea butter lotion or steeped milk lotion is then applied to lock in the moisture from the treatment.

Your choice of a Salt or sugar scrub…… $65. ( our organic scrubs are seasonal and are expected to change unexpectedly ) approximately 60 – 75 minute session

Custom Spray Tanning

Norvel custom spray tan is given after a light dry brushing is done on the body, this is not your tanning bed /orange leaving tan. It is customized from a light sun kissed to a deep Caribbean tan in less than an hour.

Norvel has a natural look to it so you can go as light or as dark as you want.

NOTE: Norvel tans last 10-14 days with proper care and your therapist will advise you on that.

on day of session do not wear any perfume, deodorant, lotions or sprays as it will hinder the process and the desired outcome. $65 for one hour.

Holistic Facials

A cleanse and exfoliation then mask with steaming, then a toner, facial serums with facial massage and moisturizer .

Leaving your face glowing healthy, bright and rejuvenated – $65 / approximately 60 minutes

The Sonoran Escape – Wrap & Facial

Beginning with a full body dry brushing, then an application of an anti-aging serum made with watermelon & Basil is applied all over the body. Then your body will then be covered with infused heated moist towels and then you are cocooned up in a sheet and blanket wrap.

while your cocooned up you will receive a full holistic facial using organic professional skincare line as well and a full scalp massage, when the time allotment for treatment is up then your wrap is done and your body is then un-wrapped and the moist towels removed finely a thin layer of an (anti-aging) relaxation body mousse is then applied .

This treatment will leave you like Gumby, feeling like butter and is extremely relaxed. This treatment is so healing for the body,mind, & soul. Best stress buster yet !! Well worth the price (ask for details) …………………………………………..$150

NOTE: when having this treatment done you will want amply enough time to do exactly nothing afterwards its that relaxing !!! Ask me for more details regarding this service.

Shirodhara + Ayurvedic Treatments

This treatment is dripping of heated oil on the third eye area of the forehead during the whole treatment. During the first 10 minutes of the treatment the body is not touched. When the times-up each extremity is lightly massage then cocooned in a heated dry towel. Once all extremities are cocooned you will experience and anchoring feeling to the table of being grounded into the table if you will. At that time the remaining oil is released across your forehead and you will receive a Ayurvedic scalp massage. This treatment is detoxing and you CANNOT drink any caffeine for 24hrs afterwards following this treatment as it works with your nervous system. It will leave you with extreme clarity, no more brain fog, detoxed , relieves headaches , is very grounding, balancing and it will de-stress you on a whole new level. This treatment works so well because of the training,energy and the oil used. The oil we use is sourced from India where this modality originated many 1,000 years ago, we have it shipped to us by DHL and is very expensive to get. From this treatment – You will receive big benefits for your scalp, hair and the mind body connection. …

Shirodhara – $100 / 60 minute session

Indian head massage – $65 / 30-45 minutes

Ultimate Shirodhara treatment – $150 / 90 minute session. Consists of a full Shirodhara treatment followed by a sound bowl healing while you are still cocooned up, sending you into a deeper state of relaxation and healing on all levels

( Before having this service done please ask us for details in regards to what to expect before, during and after the service as well as a consultation before hand to see if this service is right for you.)

Hand & Foot Treatments

Your hands and feet are the most widely neglected part of the body by doing soaks, scrubs, wraps and massage on you hands and feet by giving the benefits of relaxing tired sore ache feet or hands they so desperately need. Its also softens and has an anti again affect leaving you with healthy looking and feeling skin. The Ultimate Hand / Foot Treatment – $75 / 60 minutes

Hand and foot massage: $45 / 60 minutes

Paraffin Dips: —are the dipping of the hands or feet in paraffin wax to soften the skin and deeply moisturize and hydrate the skin also amazing benefits sore, stiff achey joints. – $45 / 30-45 minutes


See “SPA” wellness services ……… helps in anti -aging, stress and anxiety, all over skin health.

Mind/Body Healing Technique Therapies

Reiki Therapy

Is preformed while sitting or laying down and by bathe laying on of hands, using universal life force energy known as “Qi” to relax the body and by. Helping move stagnant energy out of the body and activating the body’s own innate ability to heal itself. Resulting in the most profound mind body connection of healing. – $75 / 60-70 minute session (or) $100 for 90 minutes.

Wanting to Learning Reiki level 1 & 2 classes ? – manual included ………………………… $444

Sound Bath & Vibrational Healing

Benefits of experiencing a sound bath or vibrational healing for the body can result in:

improved sleep, lower blood pressure, enhances mood, promotes relaxation, It synchronizes the brain, boosts confidence, balances your energy centers known as chakras, improves attention spans, increased energy, relieves stress, sometimes helps in pain management, improves focus, helps alleviate some symptoms of depression and anxiety emotions, it promotes endorphin release and boosts immunity.

1:1 sound bath or vibrational healing: ……….. 1 hour session. $125

Corporate, group or small gatherings : (Prices vary dependent on what type of gathering, # of people attending, etc. etc. ask for details and pricing.)

Meditation & Spiritual Life Coaching

Spiritual life coaching help clients find true purpose and meaning in their life, by way of reflecting on life’s bigger existential questions and to find the answers that align with the clients values and beliefs using a variety of methods to come to that conclusion.

Spiritual Life Coaching — is Coming Soon

(1:1 , group meditation and corporate events available:)

1:1 meditation session – ($75 ) for 30-40 minute session. ($125 ) for 60 minute session

Sound bath meditation – ($125) for 60 minute session

1:1 meditation Packages :

..( 6 week 30-40 minute )—$444 , (6 week 1 hour session)—- $555 , (8 weeks 30-40 minute sessions) . …….$777. , ( 8 week 1 hour sessions)—- $888. (12 week 30-40 minute sessions)—— $999., (12 week 1 hour sessions) —— $1,222

(Group meditations :)…………1 hour. ( up to 8-10 people ) $25 per person , A Group of 4 people. $35 per person

Corporate sessions. – Ask for details

Woman circles and Drumming Circles

dates to be determined………

“Circles” are done on a love donation basis to help keep these circles running and hear for everyone.

Corporate drumming circles for team building , retreats or office setting – ask for details

Workshops Classes and Events

Dates to be determined ………..

Please contact us if there are specific classes or events you want to see listed or take place. Contact: [email protected]

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